Friday, February 20, 2009

reading, watching etc

The Beginner's Guide to Life - Lia Hills
Seventeen-year-old Will has just lost his mother to some bastard's bumper bar and is about to enter the grieving process - but this is no seven stages of grief how-to guide; it's far more real and involving. Will is a thinker, who carries the questions of the universe around with him. He has sex, he takes acid, he spray-paints Marcus Aurelius on a railway underpass... TBGTL is a great read - serious and connected and life-affirming.

Loathing Lola - William Kostakis
Courtney Marlowe won the role in 'Real Teens' without the push-up bra, tight tee, skinny-leg jeans, blonde wig, thong, Smirnoffs and fake tan provided by best friend Katie ... This is Reality TV, but there are things Courtney doesn't want up for public consumption: like the fact that her boyfriend has just died, or that her stepmonster, the loathed Lola, wants a piece of the action ... Meanwhile the producers are playing their own games. LL is a swift, funny read with more than enough heart to make up for the sark.

How to Ditch your Fairy - Justine Larbalestier
Welcome to New Avalon, where everyone has her own personal fairy ... In a world full of desirable fairies (like the finding-loose-change fairy and the all-boys-like-you fairy) Charlie has a car-parking fairy - Hopeless! In her attempts to ditch her fairy, Charlie finds trouble and pain and pulchritude. HTDYF is fabulously funny and frothy and just a little bit bent.(And I mean that in a good way!) I'm doing that cake and conversation thing with Justine tomorrow. I am very much looking forward to finding out where her weird comes from!!

In other news: I watched Towelhead last night. I couldn't work out if I liked it or not. It made me feel uncomfortable - not that that's a bad thing, necessarily. I must have liked it, because I watched it the whole way through. But the tone felt quite uneven. I think I will read the book. I also watched Atonement and loved the start of it, the country house, but then got all bored during the war scenes (yes, even the Bosch-ish long shot showing the 'madness of war') and I HATED the Vanessa Redgrave 'imagined' end, but then cried when they showed the bombing. Again, I think I better read the book. I also watched a laughable flick called 45. Gawd. Milla Jovovich is no Juliette Lewis, and I just don't think it's necessary to make films like this anymore. You girls who love guns and talk about guys with big dicks. Also the 'menacing' main guy was called Big Al, and he looked like Bill Bailey. Didn't finish that one.


  1. I've just finished reading Towelhead and was very impressed (though uneasy - but in a good way) and want to see how the film version stacks up. I thought the voice was spot-on and very consistent. Not uneven at all, which is interesting, but I can see how it would be hard to pull off that content in a film without swinging into exploitation...

    And I read (and adored) Atonement long before I saw the movie - didn't enjoy the movie much, but I put that down to my Keira Knightley aversion! Specially loved the nursing section, which was hardly in the film at all from memory. But yeah, I'm a loved-the-book, hated-the-movie kind of person generally...

    See you at the cake thing tomorrow!

  2. event twas fantastic!
    Lia's book sounds really good, i've just ordered it :)
    ugh Atonement don't even get me started! hated the movie, haven't bothered with the book.
    however as i always say...books are always better!

  3. ohohoh guess what also came today!
    my (second :P) copy of EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL!
    for that review :D:D:D