Sunday, March 1, 2009

months and months of sundays

I have decided to only post on Sundays. I need some structure in my life. There is MUCH to report. I was lucky enough to read The Good Daughter by Amra Pajalic ahead of the rabble. I met Amra when she was shortlisted for the Vic Premier's Unpublished Manuscript Award for this book. You can read about some of her journey on her blog. I won't say much yet, except that it's funny, and insightful and sharp - kind of like a de-schmaltzed 'My So Called Life' relocated to present-day St Albans. It comes out in May.

I also re-read Secretary by Mary Gaitskill and was shocked at how different it was to the film - when I saw the film I remember thinking there was something off, but couldn't work out what - but it's essentially a whole different story. The film makes Debby's plight seem kind of quirky, and well-it-takes-all-kinds, the story has a corrosive effect on you. It's so powerful, deadpan, too. Here is the end:
For some reason, I remembered the time, a few years before, when my mother had taken me to see a psychiatrist. One of the more obvious questions he had asked me was, Debby, do you ever have the sensation of being outside yourself, almost as if you can actually watch yourself from another place?" I hadn't at the time, but I did now. And it wasn't such a bad feeling at all.

I also watched two terrible films: Meet Bill and The Women. All I can say about The Women is that it should have been called: The Women and their Botox. I hope I die with a face like a relief map.

Lots of writing done this week, but I have been terrifically grumpy. I felt better when I read this from Tom Hodgkinson's How to Be Free on moaning:

The answer is to keep some of your moans to yourself and simply replace the things you hate with the things you love. So, instead of going to supermarkets, I now have a vegetable garden, and friends to stay, and books, a horse and people I have chosen. Avoid the dross ...

Tonight I will watch dross of the Ridley Scott variety while eating fine Dagoba chocolate and I will keep my moan about my Amazing Expanding Waistline to myself (and you all out there).

See you next Sunday. I hope your week is a good one.

ps- I am now on twitter. I don't know why but it's a funny little window into people's worlds and I like that sometimes... then again I thought that about Facebook until all those 'playful' 'pokes' started taking up my inbox.

pps- The pictures are from a weird book my husband/cultural adviser found at the market yesterday. It's called 'Dispensational Truth' and seems to be a compendium of religious 'maps' and 'timelines' regarding the end of days with quite lovely fire-and-brimstoney-y illustrations.

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