Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anatomy of a Novel: Bye, Beautiful

Anatomy of a Novel: Bye, Beautiful
Guest Post by Julia Lawrinson

Bye, Beautiful was born out of various betweens:
Between the raucous optimism of the Easybeats and the stillness of small country towns, where secrets are hidden in plain view.
Between the formality of what was expected – in appearance and otherwise – of young Australian women, and their secret hopes.
Between the way Aboriginal people were alternately scorned and ignored by white people.
Between the power promised by new cars, and the restlessness of kids who had nowhere to go.
But the main image I had when I was writing was of Marianne dancing in her bedroom to Friday on my Mind, imagining all the things she might do and become.  And who wouldn’t want to dance to this?

Anatomy of a novel is an occasional series where authors dissect their books for your delight. Pass it on!  


  1. This is such a great series. I know you say 'Pass it on' but just wanted to check that you'd be cool about me doing a post and linking? Thanks :)

  2. of course! Please do - I'm also hoping lots of teacher/librarians will stumble upon ...