Tuesday, January 10, 2012

modern movies, anyone?

I had an email from a reader (Hi Susanna) who said do you REALLY think most modern movies are rubbish? I probably should put a qualifier on that, say most Hollywood "blockbuster" movies are rubbish or most rom-coms are rubbish. I didn't love Bridesmaids at all for example, but recently I've seen some rippers. They are:

d.Richard Ayoade
Looks great, lovely nerdboy with serious hair, enigmatic smoker girl with mean streak, noah taylor, NOAH TAYLOR! and Paddy Considine playing a new-ager with high pants and a terrible mullet. I laughed out loud more than once and sighed when it was all over.  When I think about Notes from the Teenage Underground being a film, this is the sort of feel I dream of...

The Future 
d. Miranda July
I loved Me & You and Everyone We Know, so I thought I'd probably like this - and I did. Lots. I was hunched forward not wanting to miss a breath. The story seems to be about nothing, ends up being about the end of intimacy and the human condition, alienation, weirdness, loneliness. All that sweet stuff.

Critic's Choice
d. Don Weis
The most awesome thing about school holidays is all the ace old films they haul out. Yesterday Jeremiah Johnson was on! So, not modern but I thought still timely what with 2012 being the unofficial Year of the Woman Writer. Lucille Ball is married to Bob Hope. He's a theatre critic and she's a housewife ... but then she starts writing a play. He thinks it's crapola and then says he's going to review it and then there's all sorts of pain and suffering ... the subtext is pretty much that Bob Hope wants a shag and Lucille Ball's not available because she's writing. ... Sometimes when I watch these old films I can't believe how the world must have been for women ... I so would have been a beatnik. (They still had to do the dishes though ...)

Anyway. My movie mojo is revitalised. Please send me your recommendations!


  1. I love the films you've listed! I recently loved Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World...

  2. I haven't seen scott pilgrim - I will def check it out - ta!

  3. Holy shit, NFTTU in the style of Submarine would be amazing. Someone really needs to make that book into a movie. Please?

    Anyway, my movie recommendation would be Adventureland. It may not sound great on paper ( American rom-com, with Kristen Stewart) but it actually very beautiful and honest, even if it does suffer from hollywood-ending syndrome.

  4. Laundromats are definitely off-kilter romantic! They are so full of potential, and weird energy. They make me feel like a character in a movie whenever I'm in one.
    And thank you for the comment. I had just about forgotten that I made that blog, so it was a good reminder :)