Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lines from the Fortune Cookies (after Frank O Hara)

Lines from the Fortune Cookies (after Frank O Hara)

You will get food poisoning from take-away food.
You will fall over. Someone will laugh.
Say ‘hi’ to a stranger.
Your hair smells like flowers
You are on Facebook way too much. Stop it!
I contain more sugar than you realise
You will acquire a stray cat
Please refrain from wearing that cardigan in public.
Eat as much as you like, you have a fast metabolism.
An apple can become a tree but a tree cannot become an apple

Your life will be long, but dull.
You will meet a tall dark stranger, and he/she will ask you directions to the IGA.
Jazz is not solely a genre of music. Feel it in your heart.
Smile from your liver
You won’t be healthy everyday, but if you drink orange juice you might be healthy a
little longer.
Don’t aim for fortune, aim for happiness.
There is no food on your upper lip.
Being grateful and guilty are not the same things. Be fiercely loyal to yourself.
When you cry, keep the tears, and in two weeks they will turn into wishes.

Signal Creative Journaling group March 2012

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