Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chutzpah, I used to have it

Book week is upon us! Almost. This year I'm running a screenwriting workshop at Kilvington Baptist. I was going through my plastic tubs looking for insight and found this letter to Robin Gibb where I "respectfully" ask him to help bring down the costs of using his song I Started a Joke at the end of my short film Pity 24 (directed by Amanda Kerley, Produced by Sheridan Bott). At the time of writing the film was called Pity 25, before that it was Pity 38. I like that I call myself a "young writer" - I used to use that phrase a lot. The film was eventually produced in 2004 - it clocks in at 16 minutes and still can bring a tear to my eye. I never did hear back from Robin, but it ended up be a sweet thing, because the Lucksmiths recorded a version for the film. AK and I took the film to Los Angeles and sat for an excruciating Q&A, and went to a pool party where nobody swam. I did not go on to have an illustrious screenwriting career - writing books took over but I never say never (or not much anyway). I think the solitary nature of writing books has made me mellow, or jaded. I would like to time-travel back to 'young writer' me and steal her chutzpah. Anyway, am looking forward to showing the film (with swears cut - about 40% of the dialogue) to the students and seeing what they end up writing ...
(Ps I no longer live at Baker St) so please do not send flowers/offers of work to that address.

Also - look at our lovely sample storyboard by the super-talented Mandy Ord!

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