Friday, February 14, 2014

Some Newsy Items


This year I am offering Girl Defective writing walks for school groups (13+). The book is set in St Kilda - and St Kilda is very much a character. The idea of the workshops is that I will lead a small group (plus teacher) to certain specific sites in the novel (nothing unsavoury!) Along the way I will read from the book and discuss process and inspiration. The participants will conduct their own writing based on present-time observations, place, and memory. It will be a psychogeographic literary exercise! If this sounds like something you might be interested in please register your interest in the comments or email me at simmonehowell (at) hotmail (dot) com - and watch this space.

I am going to be teaching for a term at RMIT -  writing for young people. I am very excited about this as I love YA and children's literature and I have been reading some cracker books and who knows, perhaps the students will write cracker books and I can be a little part of that. I was a student at RMIT in the late 90s - it's where I learned writerly ways, expanded my knowledge-bank, met good people, but mostly gained confidence in my own work. Confidence is a biggie. (Even now.)

Today is the three month anniversary of our reverse tree-change! To celebrate I mopped the floors, cleaned the head and washed all the towels. Who says writers have to be slobs? I have been enjoying being in town, seeing different things every day: strange clothes, grand houses - today I saw a guy walking around with a slide rule in his hand and a duffel bag on his head. The other day at Heyington station three hundred St Kevins boys turned the carriage into a sonic nightmare.

Meanwhile I am making progress on my work-in-progress (this is good, sometimes the 'progress' part of that term is more hopeful than anything else) and am planning a little research trip to the site of Harold Holt's disappearance to see if I can feasibly work it into the story. I love a good disappearance.

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