Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Role Models: John Waters

I went to see John Waters' show This Filthy World: Volume II last night. The Pope of Trash was wearing a mis-matched plaid suit and he was eminently quip-able. My favourite quotes: that Brigid Berlin (ex Warhol-acolyte and tit-painter extraordinaire) asked him: “John, how can we be BAD at seventy?” Also, “Parents, if your child is a weirdo at school, be proud, he’ll end up in the arts.” And: “You can’t date-rape a cookie.*” 

John Waters lamented the demise of the juvenile delinquent. As someone who was also fascinated with bad boys and girls, I concur that today’s jds - computer nerds taking down multinationals from their bedrooms - are not exciting because “there’s no fashion”.

Anyway, it must be strange for him to be so accepted by the mainstream after being reviled for so long. An audience member asked him if he had any advice for people trying to get into the film industry (He did! Good advice that came from being a renegade, not from being careful. I also love that he said, “If you’re asking me how to become a film director you probably won’t become one.”)

I wish John Waters had his own TV channel where he showed every weird film that ever inspired him, including naturist films. And I’d like to see his scrapbooks. Role Models was one of my favourite reads of recent years, so I’m very much looking forward to Carsick. 

* You need context for this but I’m not going to go there.

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