Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A visit from Kate Constable

Last week in writing class we also had a visit from much loved author Kate Constable. Kate came in to talk about structure - she walked through The Snowflake method, proclaiming it an excellent organisational tool. She also talked about her road to publication - and her writer's evolution from pantser to plotter and how she wished she'd written Tom's Midnight Garden.

Kate's first book was the The Singer of all Songs, book one in The Chanters of Tremaris series. She wrote it for herself, without a plan. But after it was published to wide acclaim and awards ad International lurve, her publishers wanted MORE. As a result of this she now spends a lot of time in the planning stages before writing.

Her most recent novel New Guinea Moon was inspired by her childhood growing up in Papua New Guinea in the 70s. Kate wrote several versions before working out whose voice should be telling the story. (I am always cheered when I hear about other writer's false starts because I make so many.) Kate's written high fantasy  'magic in the real world' books (Crow Country, Cicada Summer) and realism (New Guinea Moon, Always Mackenzie).

Kate Constable's blog: http://kateconstable.blogspot.com.au/

You can watched the 1974 version of Tom's Midnight Garden here

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