Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Palimpsest - Call for Participants

Last year Lisa and I ran the fabulous Mapping Melbourne project. Well, we're still obsessed with the city and writing and this course is a great opportunity for young (16-25) write-y arty types to explore  how to use the city as a source for creativity. It includes a nocturnal visit to the State Library (guided tour), delving into Microfiche and using old texts for new stories ... We have room for a maximum of ten participants and our final collaborative work will be a zine/boradsheet AND an exhibition (collage, sketches, preliminary writing) at the City Library. Feel free to shoot me any questions at simmonehowell  (at) hotmail (dot) com - or for bookings contact Signal on Phone: +61 3 8696 5400

Palimpsest : Rewriting Melbourne

With Lisa D’Onofrio & Simmone Howell
A city is built from stories. Humans are always documenting, discovering and rewriting the layers of the city. Stories are found in newspapers, scribbled on lane-way walls or whispered into the air only to rise again as urban myths.
Over six workshops you will create stories from stories and experiment with creative journaling techniques. You will read the city and research Melbourne’s past and present using the State Library of Victoria's collections.
Your urban myths and stories will be exhibited on the walls and laneways of the city and published as a small zine.
Dates and times: Wednesdays from 6 August through to 10 September, 5pm to 7pm
Cost: Free
Bookings essential: Book online