Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Palimpsest - Changing Face of Victoria

Palimpsest - Rewriting the City is a creative project for young people (16-25) interested in flexing their wordy muscles and writing stories using city myth and history as source material. Lisa D'Onofrio and I are hoping participants will be inspired by the State Library's Collections and find mysteries in the Microfiche. Today we checked out The Changing Face of Victoria exhibition and imagined:

-  John Fawkner fanfic
 - a daily blog by Elizabeth Batman's doll
- an update of Thomas Ham's Squatting map using the modern definition of the term

On a wall mosaic of photos from The Argus I was reminded of the photo that inspired Toni Jordan to write Nine Days. Below are some more which look like they could be worthy story inhabitants. Palimpsest runs on Wednesdays in August from 5-7 at Signal. Places are limited. You can book online here.

Dust Storm

Women checking out gas masks during manufacture, 1941 -Argus photographer

Baths, Brunswick, group of young people near painted balustrade (detail) 1989 - Elizabeth Gillam

Three young men at the Elvis memorial, Melbourne General Cemetery (detail)  - 1990 - Polixeni Papapetrou