Saturday, January 10, 2015


Sick and tired you been hangin' on me. You make me sad with your eyes. You're telling me lies. Don't go, don't goooooooo*

Argh we are already two weeks into January and the things I was supposed to do to truly cork 2014 remain but styes in my eyes. I always forget how impossible it is to write in any kind of sustainable fashion in school holidays, so I am now dedicating my haphazard writing hours to planning the rest of the year, how to make it a smooth-running thing instead of the usual shambles. In the meantime the very great Kirsty Eagar tagged me for a Terrible Titles blog-hop. You have to drop your curser in random places on your WIP eight times and make a title from the words upon which it lands. Here are my Terrible Titles from Harper Fell**

1. A Fragment of Your Face
2. Don't Be Boring
3. Flipper and the Lumpfish
4. Everything that happens after
5. East Hill Matriarch
6. Silent Tears
7. I Always Sleep
8. Sensible Cotton Undies

I don't know what else to say except I do love the word 'Undies'. I also think that East Hill Matriarch sounds like an excellent TV Series and Silent Tears sounds like something Celine Dion would sing.

Here are Kirsty's, Trinity Doyle's & Vicki Wakefield's for starters. And if you have a work-in-progress, please consider yourself tagged and put your link in the comments so I can enjoy all your strangely-titled imaginary books.

 * Not mine, Pilot's

**(which incidentally has been hovering at the 2/3 done mark for a ridiculously long time. I remember having this problem with GD, and with EB - though less with EB because I had a deadline - Harper has no deadline except the monthly ones I invent for her.)

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