Sunday, May 17, 2015

Last Week In Pictures

My life is speculation city at the minute: projects I'm trying to put out there, possibilities and big leap-y business. Writing-wise I'm winding down the end of my mammoth draft ... I *think* and wondering about which half-finished, fully loaded book I should take up next. Nothing is set in stone and everything is subject to my headspace. Lately I have been writing down what I do in an attempt to quantify my time. It's a fine thing on a Monday to be able to block out some hours and write WRITING, but now I'm actually putting in DREAMING time too.

Anyway, here are some pictures of things in the last week that have made me happy:

1. Op Shop Rewards
When I get to a certain point, a certain number of words down, a feeling that I can take a break, if I'm feeling a little rich I go to the op shop. This was last week's pickings - (Total: $12)

2. Gifts! The good people at UQP sent me this! Nova Weetman's forthcoming novel Frankie & Joely, which I have blurbed the bajaysus out of.

3. An actual gig: errr it had been a while. I went and saw Courtney Barnett at the Forum, one of my favourite places to see ANYONE. It was a top night. I thought so and so did Canadian Shorts Man, Dodgy First Date Couple, Drunk Blonde and her Jealous Friend and a whole other assortment of interesting-looking people. 

4. City Jaunts - with the new creative mapping project coming up at Signal I have been getting all warm about Melbs and her shady lanes and crooked corners.

5. Teaching - Only a few weeks left until the end of term and another RMIT YA class over for the year. This actually makes me sad, not happy. I'm really enjoying the class. Last week we looked at scenes and asked pertinent questions. Our 'models' came from Andrew Smith's Grasshopper Jungle - which looks nuts, and this is good thing.

 How was your week, people?  How is your emotional progression?

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