Monday, August 3, 2015

Opshoppery 3: flowers at the op shop

I am making a concerted effort to log the books/music I buy from op shops:

1. Stack of old Vanity Fairs
2. The Cartoonist - Betsy Byers (I keep buying these cool old kids books for my son but he says anything with an orange stripe is no good. It took me a while to work out what he meant by orange stripe: he means the discolouration that tends to stripe the ends of pages in old paperbacks - I was checking the ABE glossary to see if there is a word for this, but couldn't find it. That glossary is a wonderland! i.e a Florilegium: Direct translation from Latin is "a gathering of flowers". In the literary sense, a florilegium (plural florilegia) is a volume of writing gathered from other sources; a compilation of full pieces or passages from other works. Sorrrt of on my intentions with this blog. (So many flowers at the opshop)
3. Two Wolves - Tristan Bancks #LoveOzYA
4. Cumbia Cumbia 2

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