Thursday, August 6, 2015

Upcoming events - Creativity, Pop Culture and Re-visiting Judy Blume!

1. RMIT Library's 700s Arts Festival 

Writing Workshop - Friday August 21, RMIT library
Under the Influence - Write What You Love
Love art, design, music, film? As part of RMIT's Festival of the 700s I will be running a workshop on how to write about pop culture in fiction or non-fiction. I am a mad fan of RMITs library. They have an incredible collection of noir DVDs and art books and I can happily spend hours there. This workshop will take place on site at Swanston Library, from 12-2. But if you go the website you can register your interest. 

2. SCWBI Creativity Workshop for Writers and Illustrators
An afternoon exploring the intersections between art, everyday life and writing. I'll be showing participants how we can use creative journaling and mapping techniques to generate story ideas and stretch creative boundaries (Suitable for both writers and illustrators). Discover new approaches to tackle creative blocks and ignite your imagination and innovative thinking.
Saturday September 5 2pm - 5pm including afternoon tea
DiMattina's Restaurant (upstairs)
All details here

2. Re-Reading Forever

Judy Blume’s Forever captivated generations of young readers with its story about sexuality, identity and the transition into adulthood. On the 40th anniversary of it’s publication, we gather a panel of Melbourne’s best young writers to discuss reading Forever, and the important role of the novel in growing up in today’s world. 

Featuring: Abigail Ulman, author of the short story collection Hot Little Hands, published by Penguin earlier this year. Rebecca Starford, author of Bad Behaviour.
Simmone Howell, author of three YA novels Girl DefectiveEverything Beautiful and Notes from the Teenage Underground
Hosted by Jess McGuire. 
Where: City Library, Majorca Room, 
When: Sunday 13 September, 1pm to 2pm

Sweet Dreams Reading Circle

Join us after our Forever panel discussion for a reading circle. Discuss the teenage romance novels you grew up reading. Sweet DreamsSweet Valley High or Judy Blume – all our SECRET teenage classics. 

Where: City Library, Marjorca Room, 
When: Sunday 13 September, 2.30pm to 3.30pm

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