Friday, December 11, 2015

Writing about Houses

I have an article in today's Spectrum about holiday houses ...

I worried at first that I was moving away from writing about people to writing about houses until I worked out that when you write about houses, you're really writing about people, society ... anyway, it's all tying in to a non-fiction book I'm slowly working on about place and dreams and reality.

I know it makes more commercial sense for writers to stick to one bent, but I find that impossible. I'm working on two YA novels at the moment, but I'm working on this as well ... everything goes in.

Also in spectrum a great piece by Ray Edgar about Howard Arkley and artistic representations of the suburbs - links to Courtney Barnett's Depreston and Callum Morton's Valhalla ... (can't find online link for that one).

PS - If you like this you might like my piece on the houses of Silver Lake:


  1. The sawtooth roof came from a sublime memory, of my father. I realised this later. He had been a motor mechanic and those sorts of roof characterised the places he had worked. Building it didn't bring him back to me, he is still as distant as ever.

    1. Thank you for this comment (and for your house!) - it's so interesting the way things 'arrive' in art and its only when looking back that we can see where they came from. Happens in writing all the time - also it makes sense to me that a house should in some way hold the shape of human longing ...