Sunday, December 20, 2015

Year-in-review: Skipping Over Stones

This year's articles:

Holiday Houses
Ghost Signs
Anniversary of Tate/LaBianca Murders
Writing Spaces
Hard Garbage
Silver Lake Houses
Revisiting Judy Blume's Forever
My formative trashreads (forthcoming Walker Books)
Art echoing Life (published in Mothers & Others, Pan Macmillan)

 I think freelancing is a hard gig and the writer's life is just paved with rejection and some days I can skip over those stones, but other times I stub my toe so hard I don't want to get back up.

I also did a smattering of school visits including a great residency at St Albans Secondary College... With Lisa D'Onofrio and young artists at Signal we made The Map of Melbourne Firsts - another exploration into Melbourne and mapping and storytelling. I also joined the lovely folk at the Stella Schools Programme as an ambassador - yay!

It's been a big year in OZYA - what with the whole #LoveOZYA thing and great books coming out faster than I can read them - (but I did read and adore Fiona Wood's Cloudwish, Vicki Wakefield's In Between Days, Gabrielle Williams' The Guy, The Girl, Lili Wilkinson's Green Valentine and Dianne Touchell's A Small Madness) My favourite adult books I read this year included Miranda July's The First Bad Man, Tony Birch's The Promise, Deborah Levy's Swimming Home and Rebecca Solnit's everything. My favourite TV show was Transparent.

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