Friday, November 4, 2016

November's Writerly News

1. A draft of the novel I'm writing with Cath Crowley and Fiona Wood (working title Friends Anonymous) has gone whooshing off to our editor. Yay! We started writing the book a couple of years ago and have been playing schedule slotski ever since. The process has been both fun and illuminating, and I love how the story has developed. Looking forward to diving into the next draft.

2. Little to report on my other WIP. Harper Fell is still in a state of ah, fluidity. I feel like I've written a hundred versions of it since I started, and it's still not where I want it to be. But I had similar problems with Girl Defective, which was so changeable that I had to stick it on the shelf for a while. Anyway, I guess the only way is through.

3. Text are reprinting Robin Klein's Came Back to Show You I Could Fly and asked me to write an introduction to it... I was happy to as it's a book that I adore but it's hard for me to restrain my enthusiasm. Not sure how long you'll have to wait for that one but in the meantime, here is a snippet from Richard Lowenstein's film Say A Little Prayer, the 1995 adaptation of the novel. I've been trying to find a copy but the closes I've come is a dodgy-looking Russian website ... enjoy!

4. Currently reading:

Kids of Appetite by David Arnold (someone on Goodreads described this as every John Green book on steroids)

Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow (blurb says it perfect for fans of Girl Interrupted and All the Bright Places - cheery I don't think.)


  1. Hooray in regards to points 1 and 2! New books from you (plus Fi and Cath) are always cause for celebration. I hope the writing/editing goes well!

    3. I can't remember if I've ever read it, but I'll be sure to buy the new Text edition when it's released.

    4. I am just about to start Girl in Pieces, I've heard such good things.

    M xox

    1. 1/2. Thankyou! 3. As soon as I know a release date I'll spruik it 4.I've had to put Girl in Pieces aside until I feel a little less like getting destroyed!