Sunday, March 5, 2017

"You look great, girl."

Enjoying the weird warped poetics of a pirated extract of Girl Defective translated from the Portuguese:

By the time it had all happened, I had known for three months Nancy. She was nineteen and sharp as a knife. I was fifteen And she was a bummer. We had met when my father Hired to clean the shop and the apartment. I remember her. Entering my room with the vacuum cleaner tube hanging in Round his neck, slumped and sassy as the arm of an evil boyfriend. It was only her mouth that opened and a thousand things were flowing. Did I happen to know that Could sharks shut down half of their own brain? That a person Averaged fourteen times a day? That in quiet neighborhoods Residential, middle-aged couples were having sex dressed as Stuffed animals? And I, who did not talk to anyone much, said: - No way! It did not take long and we were already talking out and killing The time, while the dishes were there, forgotten. My father had to send her. Though, but it kept popping up. Nancy's laugh - and I still I can hear her - it was a whinny that totally hit her. Glamorous appearance. "You look great, girl. "Girl". That's what she called me. Or "little sister," or "Amiga", or "little doll", or "macaquita". Sometimes she even wore the My name - Skylark, Sky -, always with that drawn way of speaking, that I felt like nails in my back, scratching an itch Which I did not even know how to have ...

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