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Linder Sterling - Anxious Images

This week I've been reading about artist Linder (Linda) Sterling. Sterling was present in the UK punk scene, primed by reading Germain Greer's The Female Eunach age 16. I didn't get my mits on that book until I was 30! I can remember finding it in a book shop in Olinda. I can only imagine how electrifying it would have been to read it as a teenager. Sterling was also in a band called Luder. At a famous gig at the Hacienda around when Bucks Fizz had their cutsey retro-pop boy-girl  Eurovision win where the boys whipped the skirts off the girls. Sterling's response to this was to rip her own skirt off to reveal a giant black dildo.  Here's a couple of articles about her: As I proceed with my PhD I admit to spending a bit of energy lamenting that I came to things so late. But I suppose it's bet

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