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MPavilion - Peter McIntyre: "Logic for comfort, imagination for delight"

MPavillion's response to Covid (I think) has been to set up at Parkade , the first modernist multistory car-park in Melbourne (just over the road from the Melbourne Club and all its leafy, inaccessible allure.) On Friday night I went to see a film and talk about/by the building's architect Peter McIntyre . McIntyre designed two of my favourite Melbourne houses: River house and Stargazer House.  The first time I ever saw River House I was paddling on the Yarra and it appeared between the trees like something in one of my dreams. This weird winged house. So I knew McIntyre was interesting, and a contemporary of Robin Boyd, John Murphy, Kevin Borland, Roy Grounds. But I didn't know he'd brought strategic planning to Melbourne (or what it was), or that he'd made films, or that listening to him speak would make me feel emotional - it is strange what buildings and history can bring up.  The first film was   Peter and Dione McIntyre 1950-1960 – Counterbalancing Forces   b

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