The Third Thing

Out of nowhere today I remembered being nineteen and standing in a check out at a big supermarket in San Francisco and seeing Thelma & Louise on the cover of Time and having a sense of its hugeness. I think I'm just emotional because I just watched the last episode of Nashville. Damn Callie Khouri!

"All of this came out in the screenplay: the two friends, one orderly, wounded, and sardonic, the other a pliant, lovable flake; the shifting of power in a crisis, where the ditz takes the reins and saves the day; the sweet revenge served to tits-and-ass-obsessed jerks; that “third thing” two people become in a fast car; the fact that being violated once can make a law-abiding, shell-shocked person snap the next time, raise a gun and pull the trigger. “You get what you settle for” became the script's tagline. The two characters “kind of named themselves as I wrote,” says Khouri. The zany one was Thelma Dickinson; the controlled one, Louise Sawyer."