Links to a more interesting life - May

Anita Pallenberg surrounded by witchy business on the set of Performance - by Cecil Beaton

Some of the things that have been filling my dreams:

Claudius Shulze
The Conquest of the Improbable - self-built raft/studio - sigh! dream house!

w/ Oscar Piegsa
"collecting the stuff that makes Europe"

Lorrie Moore: How to Become a Writer
''Plots are for dead people, pore- face.''

Van Damm's House in North by Northwest
A blog by production designers - sigh! dream job!

You Must Remember This: Polly Platt: The Invisible Woman

A.M. Homes reads Margaret Atwood's 'Stone Mattress'

Some very good reads:

Darkfall by Indigo Perry
Almost a Mirror by Kirsten Krauth
Furious Thing by Jenny Downham
Radiant Days by Elizabeth Hand


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