The Secret Life of Things

I interviewed Bryony Nainby for Craft Victoria’s exhibition The Meaning of Things:
In these overstuffed days when department stores stock mass-produced macrame wall hangers, and Marie Kondo has transcended personhood to become a verb (as in, "I Marie-Kondo-ed the f--- out of that jumpsuit"), it could be said that our relationship to things has become a tad cavalier. Thankfully Craft Victoria's latest exhibition has arrived to cure us of our consumptive malaise.
The Meaning of Things is a digital "wunderkammer", a collection of objects from makers and appreciators presented along with the stories that give them meaning. The exhibits range from the exotic to the everyday, with all stopping-off points in between. Human beings have always made things: we keep items because we are sentimental, or they fulfil some need, provide hope or comfort. This exhibition shows how objects can make, shape and change us.


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