Mid-winter Distractions

Short story - Child's Play - Alice Munro
So dark, so deep, so distressing. About childhood and culpability. 

"Every year, when you're a child, you become a different person. Generally it's in the fall, when you re-enter school, take your place in a higher grade, leave behind the muddle and lethargy of the summer vacation. That's when you register the change most sharply. Afterwards you are not sure of the month or year, but the changes go on, just the same. For a long while the past drops away from you easily and, it would seem, automatically, properly. Its scenes don't vanish so much as become irrelevant. And then there's a switchback, what's been all over and done with sprouting up fresh, wanting attention, even wanting you to do something about it, though it's plain there is not on this earth a thing to be done."

House tour - Gary Suyama 
So much I love about this - his idea that we can live with less, but also how he (maybe unconsciously?) designed back to his childhood in an internment camp. To live so close to nature is the dream I think.

Creative Writing Inspo - Caleb Parkin
I'm teaching again, and looking at different ways that people approach teaching creative writing. Was drawn to this one by Caleb Parkin because it's writing from objects. He talks about meta-foraging (metaphor-aging), saying yes to the weird idea. Phillip Gross's What if/What Then (see below) and Pablo Neruda's Odes to Common Objects (after Pablo Neruda). Excellent!

Art - Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison's REEL - a gallery space, a slow unfurl of beauty

Booksbooksbooks - I am a bit slow with my reading but currently loving these three Australian novels:


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