Five Easy Pieces

Here are links to some of my memoir/memory pieces if you're looking for something to read:

Advice from Harriet the Spy

Being 13/14 and loving The Young Ones

Lockdown walks & nostalgia

Thinking about Goodbye Gemini and core movie memories

Girl Gangs I have known


  1. Notes from the Teenage Underground has been my favorite book since I was 14, I am currently 29. I received my masters in mental health counseling and expressive arts therapy to primarily work with teens and YA. My health got difficult and I had to leave the field for who knows how long, so as of right now as I heal, I throw myself back into the literary arms of my favorite author. My 14 year old self if rediscovering feminism, feeling grateful for her mother, and letting go of repressed pain from an absent father - while chasing the dream she never felt capable of achieving: writing. Simmone, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your vision of the world with us all. Your book changed my life in the best possible way and even at one of the hardest points in my adult life, it still brings me comfort. I appreciate you so deeply.

    1. Kayla! Thank you so much for writing. I can't tell you how much I love your message. I feel really honoured that NFTU touched you and that it's helping during a hard time. And I want to say don't give up on your dream. If it helps at all I didn't get published until I was 34 and had tried and failed so many times before that ... and just know that your message has helped cancel the mean inner voice I get sometimes - (the one that says who cares? shut up! why bother etc ) I do hope things get easier for you soon ... this too will pass ... life is incalculably weird and I do still truly believe that art makes up for a lot of trouble. Wishing you only good things. x


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