My favourite Music/Scene Films & Songs to go with

I had a lot of fun being a guest on ABC radio this week on Sarah MacDonald's Evenings Show. I was talking about my favourite music/scene biopics - it was very hard to pick seven songs to go with but here's what I chose:

Anarchy in the UK

(talking about Pistol, Sid & Nancy, Great Rock and Roll Swindle, Filth and the Fury)

'Til I Die

(talking about Brian Wilsons & Beach Boys: Love & Mercy and Summer Dreams)

All Tomorrow's Parties

(talking about Warhol's Factory Scene - Edie, I Shot Andy Warhol and the Warhol Diaries)

Like a Rolling Stone

(Talking about BOB. I'm Not There, Don't Look Back)

Oh You Pretty Things

(glam-rock, Bowie, Velvet Goldmine)

Rainy Days and Mondays

(Todd Haynes short masterpiece on Karen Carpenter - Superstar - The Karen Carpenter Story)

Kentucky Rain


If you want to listen - it's here from about half-way in. 


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