Vale Gabrielle Williams

I was honoured to write this tribute to Gab for The Conversation. I met her after reading her wonderful debut Beatle Meets Destiny - I remember being jealous because it was so cool, but also, I knew that we'd be friends. I didn't get to write about her most recent novel It's Not You, It's Me, but it's basically a dream in book form. 40 y.o Holly from Melbourne  in 2020 wakes up in the body of 16 y.o Trinity in Los Angeles in 1980 and then has to work out what's going on and even if she wants her old life back. It's sharp, funny, spot on with "historical' detail and just - that word again - coooool. Trinity's in a band and her best friend has taken Siouxie Sioux's name, her best friend is a future artist, also there's a killer on the loose. Anyway ya have to read it. As I say in the piece Gab's books were for and about young adults but "old" adults loved them too, and It's Not You It's Me does a beautiful job of showing how yes we grow old, but we never really lose sight of our former forming self. Hard recommend. You can buy it here.


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