Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mapping Girl Defective

Earlier this year I co-ran a creative mapping course and a whole new world opened up! Next week at the Melbourne Writers Festival I'll be talking about place and writing on the panels Streets of Your Town (with Cath Crowley) and Suburban Wildlife (with Fiona Wood). Somehow (procrastinating maybe?) I started doing a google map of the locations in Girl Defective. I had a vague idea about presenting a walk for people who'd read the novel, but as I went through the book choosing snatches of text for each location, I thought about how they were like waypoints in a story. The end result is a super-condensed version of the novel - it still tells a story, though it's much more mysterious. Then I started thinking about how each reader would have different waypoints and now my mind is a bit of a mess. Is story simply a matter of selection after excavation? When I was writing GD I thought about it very filmic-ly;  each scene had a location I could see in my mind (Greenhouse, Marina etc) and the better I knew the place, the sharper and quicker the scene came.  I have mapped this novel in so many ways - and the location markers show that I could never have made it a walk, because it's too back and forth. I don't often think about digital story-telling, but this little experiment has opened another door. I love the sound of We Tell Stories and am reminded of studying hypertexts at uni so long ago. (Does anyone even think about hypertexts anymore?) So, here is the link to my map/story. If you end up walking Sky Martin's St Kilda  I would love to hear about the experience.