I write YA fiction. My first book Notes from the Teenage Underground was published in 2006. Since then I've written 3.3 more books (my last book Take Three Girls was co-written with #loveozya starz Fiona Wood and Cath Crowley) but I'm always working on something.

I'm a PhD candidate at La Trobe University. My area of research includes shared culture, dream-lives, life-writing and the teenage experience (pre-Internet because I am oldish.)

Like most writers I do all kinds of other work, from teaching to writing comics and freelance stuff. I am an occasional lecturer/tutor. From 2014-2016 I taught YA Fiction at RMIT. This year I taught Creative Non-Fiction at La Trobe. Over the years I have devised and facilitated many creative writing workshops at schools and for community groups.

I love movies, art, music, maps, cactus flowers, old books, floorboards, palm trees, California, desert nights, Andy Warhol,  Lois Duncan, John Lautner, James Leo Herlihy, Gavin Lambert ... I live in the country and miss the sea.

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